The Department of Environment implements the project “Management of hazardous waste produced by households”. The Department of Environment is supported by the Nicosia Development Agency on project management level.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Funds ‘Norway Grants Programming 2014-2021’ with a duration of 39 months.

The project will emphasize on the following key pillars:

  • Awareness raising of citizens through provision of information about hazardous waste
  • Introduction of good practices for managing hazardous waste through their collection from households with the help of mobile units visiting local authorities.
  • Awakening the citizens regarding the need to change the way of managing hazardous waste, which is part of the household waste category, in a more secure manner according to each category in which the various hazardous waste streams belong.
  • Enlightenment about the Waste Hierarchy, and the right way of sorting and managing hazardous waste produced in households.

More specifically, four mobile units will be created where hazardous waste generated by households will be collected, such as small electrical appliances and electronic devices, batteries, paints, solvents, ink cartridges, colors, lamps, pharmaceuticals, etc. The mobile units will be visiting selected locations across Cyprus. They will be remaining to each location for 2-3 days and specialized staff will be informing citizens and students of the area about the need and benefits of the separate collection of hazardous waste generated by households. In this way an effort will be made to raise awareness, collect and separate hazardous household waste.